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June 2008

Coral Revival
In correlation with the International Year of the Reef, restoration efforts in South Florida and beyond seek to improve the future of coral reefs.
Full Article>>
By Wendy Wood

Diving for Candy Bass
A journey into the depths is necessary to capture this deep-water beauty. More>>
By Forrest A. Young

Take the Coldwater Plunge

While tropical species hog all the press, the undiscovered ecosystems of coldwater inhabitants await those daring aquarists willing to give them a try. More>>
By Adam Blundell, M.S.

Venomous Catfish
The sharp, skin-puncturing spines of talking catfish, as well as other species, are well documented, but aquarists may have to contend with venom, too. More>>
By David Sands, Ph.D.

Elephantnoses and Their Relatives
Smart, but with faces only a mother could love, elephantnoses have a lot to offer aquarists in the mood for something different. Supplement>> References>>
By Robert Fenner

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