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July 2008

Corals in the Red
As the Too Precious to Wear campaign kicks into high gear, coral conservation gets an unlikely boost from the jewelry and design industries. Full Article>>
By Corinne Knutson

The Personality Fish
Every aquarist has seen an oscar, but only those who keep this extraordinary fish get to witness its interesting and engaging behavior. More>>
By Tony Silva

Designing a Dream
Be prepared for fireworks when fanciful ideas become new tank designs. More>>
By Alan Dziejma

Pooling Your Resources
Overcome the "glass-box-with-fish" syndrome by constructing a dynamic tide pool refugium in your own fish room. More>>
By Steven Bitter

Backyard Coral Farmer
An innovative hobbyist with a passion for corals made his backyard into an ambitious coral farm. Full Article>>
By Ethan Mizer

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