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Arusetta Angelfishes

Pomacanthus asfur and P. maculosus require spacious setups and top-notch maintenance, but for those who dare, these fishes won’t disappoint.

By Bob Fenner

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It used to be that only the wealthiest of our service company clients could afford Red Sea livestock — this was back when a purple tang wholesaled for about $250 and gasoline was way under a dollar a gallon. Well, some things have definitely changed for the better. The price of gas? Well, no, but the cost of wild-collected and tank-bred and -reared animals from the Red Sea has definitely come down.

Even more happily, the commercial science of captive breeding has seen the production of two Red Sea angel species — the Arabian and yellow-band — reach fruition. From the humbler beginnings of renowned aquarist Martin Moe’s early (1970s) efforts, using HCG in hormonal manipulation of the French angel (Pomacanthus paru), a similar protocol is currently in use with arusetta angels, making them available year round as juveniles from aquaculture.

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