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Six Marine Fish Challenges

Beginners should look but not touch, as these piscine doozies are for experts only.

By Steven Bitter

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When shopping for saltwater fish, it is always exciting to see the variety of species available in the hobby. Seemingly endless colors, shapes and personalities characterize a selection of marine fish that expands every year as new species are offered for sale. The marine ornamental industry allows hobbyists access to countless types of beautiful and exotic fish, many of which are perfectly suited to home aquaria. However, not all fish fit in with the aquarist’s ideas for the aquarium community. Navigating between the appropriate and the less-suitable species can be confusing, especially for beginners. And if one’s not careful, it can also be expensive.

I would like to discuss half a dozen commonly available species with unique husbandry challenges and examine some of these challenges in detail. I’d also like to make some suggestions about what fish to purchase in place of some of these hard-to-keep species. The reasons vary from fish to fish, but here are some species you should probably avoid, or at the very least research thoroughly before considering them for your aquarium.

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