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Nano Tank Explosion

For aquarists, good things do come in small packages.

By David Lass

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Nano tanks — the small-packaged systems — are one of the most exciting new developments in this wonderful hobby of ours. I will consider tanks that range in size from very small up to 12 gallons as nano tanks for the purposes of this article. The typical tank sold under this description comes with a complete light, hood and filtration system built in, either in the hood or in the back of the tank. Larger tank packages are now just coming on the market with high-intensity lighting for a real reef tank and with skimmers built right in. The Hi-Q “All-In-One” 12-gallon nano tank comes with a built-in timer for the lights and an automatic feeder, all in one package. Nano tanks are very attractive, and they generally have very clean lines, with all of the mechanicals out of sight. The filters in general are adequate for the size of the tanks involved, and it is very easy to keep fish in these setups.

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