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January 2009 FAMA Editor's Note

New Year’s Gift for Fish Geeks.

By Clay Jackson

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Dear FAMA subscribers and self-affirmed fishphiles, because I truly am thankful for your patronage of our fine aquarium magazine and because I believe in helping out hobbyist circles whenever possible, I want to turn you on to and tune you in to Blue Zoo Radio.

Blue Zoo Radio is a live radio program dedicated to all aspects of the aquariumkeeping hobby. The program originates out of the Cleveland area and is the brainchild of long-time radio personality and self-professed fish geek Frank Reece.

Aquarists can listen to a new, live one-hour Blue Zoo broadcast Monday evenings at 8 p.m. EST.

Hobbyists will enjoy the humor-fused banter between Blue Zoo host Reece and his guests as well as be informed about where the hobby has been and where it’s going. Reece’s aquarium guests include product manufacturers, fish store retailers, expert hobbyists, writers, authors and renown speakers and even the occasional fish magazine editor.

FAMA’s own “In the Fish Room” columnist David Lass is a Blue Zoo regular who routinely brings “it” every time he’s on.

Hobbyists can tune in to a live broadcast at For anyone who misses the live show or just wants to catch up on past shows, they can download On Demand or podcast 24/7 by using the archive on For a more-fleshed-out look at Blue Zoo Radio, check out the article that appeared in Aquarium Fish International and that can be accessed on

2009 Shows
As most who read FAMA with any amount of regularity would know, I talk about and visit numerous aquarium hobby shows each year. To help kick off the 2009 show season, I put together an article “Take in a Fish Show in 2009,” which starts on page 68, that explains why aquarists should invest in going to one of these shows, how showgoers can maximize their experience and it provides half a dozen major aquarium-related shows people can look at for 2009.

A misprint in the December 2008 FAMA resulted in the first page of the “Sand Mail” column being dropped. The column was about how clam spawning in aquaria can have roughly the same impact as a stressed cowfish releasing toxins — if not quickly dealt with, it can kill a tank.

For the entire December “Sand Mail,” go to

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