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January 2008

Thorichthys meeki
The firemouth, a native of South America, adds a spicy cichlid flavor to the dedicated hobbyist’s tank.
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By Juan Miguel Artigas Azas

Clownfish Breeding Mastery
What does it take to get clownfish to breed? More>>
By Jeremy Gosnell

Going Dutch

Consider the ways of some master Dutch aquarists, and your planted tank may never be the same. More>>
By Robert Paul Hudson

Cichlids in the Closet
The story of how an old coat closet became part of cichlid tank worthy of dinner party conversation. More>>
By Lynn Perry

Refugia of Mercy
You’ve got lots of options for your refugium setup, but your fish will thank you for the hideout in the end. More>>
By Bob Goemans

FAMA 2007 Article Index
A handy resource listing every feature and column published in 2007.

2007 MACNA Convention
A photo essay captures some of the action at this year’s Marine Aquarium Conference of North America gathering in Pittsburgh.
By Clay Jackson

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