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February 2010 FAMA Editor's Note

Pick a Fave FAMA Cover

By Clay Jackson

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We’d like your help. The other day at our monthly post-mortem (a monthly editorial dissection of a recent issue where areas are identified that can be improved upon in future issues) members of the editorial, design and marketing teams commented on how nice the December “Planted Tank Issue” cover looked. Several of our 2009 covers have been really first-rate. Senior Art Director Veronique Bos suggested we survey FAMA readers and FishChannel members to get their opinion as to the cover look they prefer.

Here is how it works: pick a favorite cover from the choices below, and go to my blog at and comment as to your favorite. We’ll let you know the top vote-getter in a future issue. Keep in mind that you’re voting for an overall cover style (described below). We’ll try to create more covers in 2010 with the look that garners the most votes. You can also vote by going to FAMA’s Facebook page. I’ve posted this same mini survey there.

I will now explain each cover style in more detail.

Choice A — The August “Reef Tank Issue” cover differs from the more traditional fish cover in four ways: 1) there’s a pair of fish rather than a single specimen, 2) the fish are pictured in their entirety rather than cut in half, 3) they are vertically oriented as opposed to horizontally and 4) there is another animal on this cover, too — a bubble-tip anemone.

Choice B — The Harlequin tuskfish illustration that graced our November cover was a first-time affair for FAMA. We’d never done an illustrated cover before this one.

Choice C — And while the already-alluded-to December “Planted Tank Issue” cover does feature a school of black neon tetras “swimming across” it — it is the tank itself that is being emphasized.

Let us know if you prefer multiple-animal photo covers, the occasional illustrated cover or more tank (marine and freshwater) covers.

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