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FOWLR Aquariums

These fish-only setups are a great way to break into the marine side of the hobby.

By Adam Blundell, M.S.

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Are you thinking about taking the saltwater plunge, but are hesitant because of the complexity of reef systems? If so, this article is for you. Saltwater aquariums have progressed by leaps and bounds during the last decade, but one thing remains constant: People love colorful saltwater fish.

What’s a FOWLR?
The acronym FOWLR stands for Fish Only With Live Rock. This type of aquarium features marine fish and uses "live rock” for the basis of filtration, aquascaping and design. The lack of coral separates this type of aquarium from the popular reef aquariums. With a FOWLR tank, the hobbyist utilizes the many benefits of live rock in establishing an aquarium to showcase specific types of fish.

Want to read the full story? Pick up the February 2009 issue of Freshwater And Marine Aquarium.

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