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February 2009

Cichlids of Madagascar
The next fins in the freshwater hobby may come from this island’s isolated species. Bonus Content>>
By Alex Saunders

Treating Your Sick Fish
Whether treating fish orally, parenterally or through dipping, there is a protocol for medicating them when they are sick. More>>
By Mark Mitchell, D.V.M., M.S., Ph.D.



Marine Predator and Prey Interactions
Many aquarists avoid in-tank confrontations, but these fascinating behaviors can be exciting to re-create in aquaria under the right circumstances. More>>
By Jean-Francois Hamel and Annie Mercier

Operation Bamboo Shark
Follow one hobbyist family’s saga as they hatch a baby shark and successfully raise it. More>>
By Jeff Rabin, Ph.D.

FOWLR Aquariums
These fish-only setups are a great way to break into the marine side of the hobby. More>>
By Adam Blundell, M.S.

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