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February 2008 FAMA
February 2008

Project DIBS
A one-of-a-kind program brings hobbyists, scientists and educators together to breed marine invertebrates and to take action against coral decline. More>>
By Brian J. Plankis

Enter the 55-gallon Zone
Use these tips to negotiate the speed bumps on your way from a 20-gallon setup to one more than double the size. More>>
By Jeff Rabin, Ph.D.

Clean Tank With Cleaner Gobies

You have cleaner animals in your freshwater setup, so why not add some to your marine tank as well? More>>
By Bob Fenner

Fighting Phosphate
Do we really have to hate phosphate so much, or is it just misunderstood? References>>
By Andy Ternay

Keep a Little Cory
Not all catfish are hulking monsters. Discover their tiny side with these corys. More>>
By Michael Hardman

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