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Freshwater And Marine Aquarium Exclusives

Exclusive bonus material from Freshwater And Marine Aquarium (FAMA) magazine.

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Freshwater and Marine Aquarium Magazine Bonus Material 2010

Just for! Be the first to checkout exclusive bonus material from Freshwater And Marine Aquarium magazine. For in-depth coverage on these stories and more, pick up the latest issue of Freshwater And Marine Aquarium magazine.

2009 Freshwater And Marine Aquarium Exclusive Magazine Bonus Material>>

June 2010
Freshwater and Marine Aquarium June 2010 Bonus Material

African Cichlids
Three-part article covering Neolamprologus brevis, Altolamprologus compressiceps, Cyprichromis microlepidotus cichlids from Great Rift Lake Tanganyika.

May 2010
Freshwater and Marine Aquarium May 2010 Bonus Material

Sepia bandensis Breeding
Bonus content from the May 2010 FAMA magazine article "Coddle Some Cuttles."

Compressed Cichlid Breeding
Bonus content from the May 2010 FAMA magazine column "Popular Freshwater Tropicals."

April 2010
Freshwater and Marine Aquarium April 2010 Bonus Material

Choosing a DSLR Camera
Bonus content from the April 2010 FAMA magazine article "Capture Your Reef in Photos."

"Feeding Stonies" References
References for the April 2010 FAMA magazine article "Feeding Stonies."

Popeye in Fish
Identification, pathology, prevention and treatment of popeye in aquarium fish.

March 2010
Freshwater and Marine Aquarium March 2010 Bonus Material

Ten Aquarium Power Saving Tips
By carefully selecting what equipment we use in our fish tanks, the monthly power costs of our system can be reduced significantly.

Mimic Octopuses References
References from the March 2010 FAMA magazine article "Masters of Mimicry."

Planted Tank References
References from the March 2010 FAMA magazine column "The Planted Tank."

February 2010
Freshwater and Marine Aquarium February 2010 Bonus Material

Twin Spot Wrasse Fish Basics
Printable twin spot wrasse fish care card.

Pineapplefish Basics
Printable pineapplefish care card.

Abyssal Album
Bonus content from the February 2010 FAMA magazine article "Going Deep."

January 2010
Freshwater and Marine Aquarium January 2010 Bonus Material

FAMA Magazine 2009 Article Index
Use our annual reference guide to find any article in the 2009 editions of FAMA magazine.

Hawkfish Basics
Printable hawkfish care card.

Greetings From the Trout Capital of the World
In Idaho, the steelhead trout fishery provides economic lifeblood to rural Idahoans.

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Reader Comments

Holly    Stouffville, ON

5/1/2011 4:18:16 PM

Great to be able to see back issues!

Diana    Lawndale, CA

9/6/2010 7:16:15 AM

Aww, how nostalgic. I have this issue and I loved every bit of it. I miss FAMA magazine but I am glad that it is now merged with Aquarium Fish International making one great magazine into an even better one. I hope I am one of the 3 Very Lucky Winners that received a whole complete set of FAMA Magazine Issues from June 2005 - June 2010. It would be so exciting to receive 5 whole years of a great magazine. I'm really crossing my fingers hoping I am one them. I love Fish Channel!

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