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Freshwater And Marine Aquarium Exclusives

Exclusive bonus material from Freshwater And Marine Aquarium (FAMA) magazine.

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Freshwater and Marine Aquarium Magazine Bonus Material 2009

Just for! Be the first to checkout exclusive bonus material from Freshwater And Marine Aquarium magazine. For in-depth coverage on these stories and more, pick up the latest issue of Freshwater And Marine Aquarium magazine.

2008 Freshwater And Marine Aquarium Exclusive Magazine Bonus Material>>

December 2009
 Freshwater and Marine Aquarium December 2009 Bonus Material

Planted Tank Maintenance Log
Plants are easy to keep thriving with the proper additives and supplements.

Reef-a-Palooza Show Video
Reef-a-Palooza show video from

November 2009
 Freshwater and Marine Aquarium November 2009 Bonus Material

Madagascar Killifish
Bonus content from the November 2009 FAMA magazine article "Fishes From the Red Island." More>>

Aquarium Fish Mouth Types
Bonus content from the November 2009 FAMA magazine article "Oral Morphology of Fishes." More>>

Harlequin Tuskfish Basics
Printable Harlequin tuskfish care card. More>>

Malili Lake Shrimp
Bonus content from the November 2009 FAMA magazine article "Creatures from the Malili Lakes." More>>

October 2009
 Freshwater and Marine Aquarium October 2009 Bonus Material

Pufferfish Pads
Use our printable pufferfish aquarium setup guide to help make the perfect puffer pad.

Marine Tank Cycling
There are many ways to cycle a marine tank.

Triggerfish Compatibility
Bonus content from the October 2009 FAMA magazine article "Easy on the Trigger."

September 2009
 Freshwater and Marine Aquarium September 2009 Bonus Material

Plywood Fish Tank
Use this handy tool and supply list to get started on your way to building your own plywood fish tank.

Why Use a Protein Skimmer?
Find out why protein skimmers are important to reef aquariums.

Blue Gularis Killifish (Fundulopanchax sjostedti)
Bonus content from the September 2009 FAMA magazine article "Become a Killifish Fanatic."

August 2009
 Freshwater and Marine Aquarium August 2009 Bonus Material

Reef Tank Maintenance Schedule
Use our printable reef tank maintenance schedule to stay on top of all your saltwater reef tasks.

Reef Aquarium Checklist
Bonus content from the August 2009 FAMA magazine article "When Reef Tanks Come Alive."

Aquarium Nitrate Trouble
Bonus content from the August 2009 FAMA magazine column "Freshwater Forum."

July 2009
 Freshwater and Marine Aquarium July 2009 Bonus Material

Marine Trumpetfish
Bonus content from the July 2009 FAMA magazine article "Fins Up, Heads Down."
By Maddy Hargrove

Aquarium Bulkhead Tests
Bonus content from the July 2009 FAMA magazine article "Go With the Flow."
By Mike Kirkman and Scott Vallembois

June 2009
 Freshwater and Marine Aquarium June 2009 Bonus Material

Aquarium Tang Fish
These colorful tang fish are community boosters.

Sexing Cichlids
How do you sex green Texas cichlids and Jack Dempseys?

External Parasites on Fish
Leeches, lice and maggots are external parasites that can occur on fish.

May 2009
 Freshwater and Marine Aquarium May 2009 Bonus Material

Mantis Shrimp Videos
Bonus content from the May 2009 FAMA magazine article "Pest or Prize?"

Freshwater Shrimp
Freshwater shrimp may be the next big thing in our aquariums.

Fish Blogs
Check out these Fish Blogs from FAMA editors Clay Jackson and Ethan Mizer.

April 2009
 Freshwater and Marine Aquarium April 2009 Bonus Material

FAMA Green Tips
Get involved with saving the world's reefs with our downloadable PDF.

Impact of Collection Activities on Freshwater Fishes
Bonus content from the April 2009 FAMA magazine article "Not Without Impact."

Reef Compatible Butterflyfishes
Bonus content from the April 2009 FAMA magazine column "Reef Notes."

March 2009
 Freshwater and Marine Aquarium March 2009 Bonus Material

Marvelous Mandarins
References from the March 2009 FAMA magazine article "Marvelous Mandarins."
By Scott W. Michael

February 2009
 Freshwater and Marine Aquarium February 2009 Bonus Material

The Cichlids of Madagascar
Bonus content from the February 2009 FAMA magazine article "Cichlids of Madagascar."
By Alex Saunders

January 2009
 Freshwater and Marine Aquarium January 2009 Bonus Material


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