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Creating Fusion With Plants, Wood and Rock

Seventeen ways to take your aquascape from disarray to visual symbiosis.

By Robert Paul Hudson

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When the first aquarium was conceived, filled with water and stocked with fishes, most likely pieces of wood adorned the tank bottom to create a sense of natural beauty and balance. In the modern “nature” aquarium, wood, rock and plants have a symbiotic relationship as components of an aquascape. Landscapers often call wood and stones the “hardscape” in a garden when engineering a design. For the aquarium hobbyist, the hardscape component together with live plants provides an opportunity for a greater level of sophistication in design and level of detail.

There are several plants that grow attached to wood or rock. The wood is the vessel that holds the plant firmly and allows it to grow while anchored in place, as the roots fuse with dead material. The remnants of past life become the cradle of new life.

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