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August 2008

What is Reef Safe?
One hobbyist tries to answer the question by testing five marine fish to determine whether or not each is compatible in a community reef setting. More>>
By Jeremy Gosnell

Cyanide Fishing Makes a Comeback
This abhorrent practice is illegal in most areas, but it is still commonly practiced on the sly; many marine species in the hobby are severely affected by it — buyer beware.
Full Article>>
By Andy Bruckner

Cycling Your Tank
Here are three simple ways to start any new tank off on the right foot, but which is best? Methods>> Tests>>
By David Lass

Figure 8 Puffers
These brackish gems are perfect for first-time brackish fishkeepers. More>>
By Jeni Tyrell

Soft Coral Spawning
What causes these rare occurrences, and how can aquarists better understand them? More>>
By Tim Hayes

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