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April 2010 FAMA Editor's Note

A Fond Adieu

By Clay Jackson

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It is with sadness that I announce this issue will be Senior Associate Editor Ethan Mizer’s FAMA swan song. I’ve worked in the editorial trenches with Ethan since becoming FAMA’s managing editor with the May 2006 issue, which would make this the 48th issue of FAMA Ethan and I have worked on together. Ethan has grown tremendously during his tenure with FAMA, not just in terms of his editorial prowess, but in his skills as a hobbyist, too.

Contributor payments, photo returns, writing an occasional feature, attending shows like this year’s Marine Aquarium Conference of North America, supplying occasional photos, not to mention editing and proofing every issue from cover to cover — Ethan did a lot, he did it well and his contributions will be sorely missed.

The good news is that Ethan will still be in the same building, on the same floor and in the same department, although the higher-ups moved his workstation out of my voice-recognition range, so I won’t be able to stay seated and shout “Hey, Ethan ...” any longer. He’s moving to one of the BowTie trade magazines, but I’ll let him tell you all about it:

“I’m leaving to take up the senior associate editor position on another of BowTie’s publications, Pet Product News InternationalPet Product News International is the leader among pet industry trade publications, and I hope to learn a great deal about and contribute to the success of the pet industry as I take up my new role on PPNI. I’ll be covering the “Aquatic Marketplace” for PPNI, so I’ll still be involved in the aquarium industry.

“I’ve had a great time learning about the hobby and contributing to FAMA’s success.”

You’ll still be able to find Ethan on as he continues to share his fishkeeping thoughts in his weekly “Into the Aquascape” blog. You can check out his blog by going to and looking in the carousel at the bottom of the page. Good luck, Ethan.

Something for Coralphiles
Coral lovers will enjoy this special all-coral issue. Of special note is Gary L. Parr’s article “Capture Your Reef in Photos,” beginning on page 30. Parr shares his spectacular coral photos as well as some red-hot tips for taking better digital images of corals, fishes and invertebrates. All of the corals photographed by Parr are from setups belonging to reef hobbyists. This means that any hobbyist with the right photographic equipment, a practiced technique, some healthy corals and a pristine reef setup can aspire to take similar quality photos of their reef inhabitants.

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