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To Keep a Hamlet

Often overlooked, Hypoplectrus spp. are compatible, easy to keep and interesting.

By Robert Fenner

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Among the smaller basses and basslike fishes there are many good choices, everything from easygoing fishes to those suited to all-out reef systems. Even just from the tropical west Atlantic, one can choose from the three grammas, the lovely Liopropomas and Serranus basslets and those of the genus of this article, Hypoplectrus, commonly named hamlets. While there is still controversy regarding how many species are represented, there is no doubt that this group of small serranids spans a wide range of attractively marked and colored types.

For the bass family, hamlets are undemanding and easygoing and are good choices for many folks, not requiring large systems or specialized care nor being inclined to chew on sedentary invertebrate livestock or other fishes.

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