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Freshwater And Marine Aquarium magazine April 2009
April 2009

Plumbing the Depths of Clown Loaches
Learn to love this hobby favorite that still throws many first-time keepers for a loop. More>>
By John Dawes

Not Without Impact
The collecting of fishes and invertebrates may be putting unnecessary pressure on some species. Bonus Content>>
By Jonathan Fung


Buzzing About Bumblebees
Tiny Brachygobius spp. set fish rooms abuzz with their oversized personalities and attractive looks. More>>
By Stephen G. Noble

Be a Reef Saver
Take action now to help save the world’s coral reefs. Bonus Content>>
By Brian Plankis

Dwarf Lionfish in Focus
Get to know these pugnacious creatures for advanced aquarists only. More>>
By John Dawes

To Keep a Hamlet
Often overlooked, Hypoplectrus spp. are compatible, easy to keep and interesting. More>>
By Robert Fenner

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