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Coral and Reef USA 2014 Editor's Note

Do research before you dive into the reefkeeping hobby.

By Marylou Zarbock

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Who hasn’t been struck with awe at the sight of a thriving reef tank? Being caught up in wonder is often the first step down the path to owning a reef tank. But setting up one that has the right environment for its inhabitants is a task that requires a great deal of research.

Not all corals can live in the same environment. Some need a lot of light while others don’t. Some can co-exist with certain fishes, while others cannot. Do the research and choose wisely. It’s not something to rush. Any mistake is magnified inversely by the size of the tank.

Talk to other hobbyists and learn from their mistakes to save yourself a lot of time and your corals and fishes a lot of stress. Be prepared to continue learning for as long as you own your tank. Reef tanks are alive, and they will keep you alive with wonder. Enjoy!

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