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Coral & Reef USA
2014 Annual

Coral Colors
Understanding why corals are colorful can help you bring out the color of corals in your reef tank.
By Alf J. Nilsen

Naughty Neighbors
Consider these unusual piscine choices for your reef aquarium.
By Scott Michael

Filtration Choices
The right type of filter or filter combination is critical in sustaining your reef tank.
By Stepehn G. Noble

Discover Rare & Beautiful Chalice Corals
Advancements in the hobby provide the opportunity to keep more coral species, such as the colorful chalice corals.
By Bob Goemans

A Beautiful Relationship
Learn something new about the sometimes strange but always wonderful relationship between clownfishes and sea anemones.
By J. Charles Delbeek

How to Frag
Use this step by step fragging guide to safely propogate coral.
By Brian Fahs and J.W. Stewart

LEDS and Coral
The future of coral gets even brighter with LEDs.
By David A. Lass

6 Tips for Reef Tank Water Success
Reef tank water is much more complex than just mixing salt with water.
By Bob Fenner

Do You Nano?
Dive into the new frontier of nano reef aquariums.
By Jay Hemdal

Copepods-Essential for Reef Tanks
The history behind copepods reveals that corals and other reef tank inhabitants truoly rely on them for food.
By Ronald L. Shimek, PHD

Get Into Leathers
Leather corals are hardy, easily kept soft corals and great cnidarians for the budding reefkeeper or for advanced reefkeepers who want to change things up.
By Clay Jackson

Coral Care and Restoration
Peek behind the scenes at The Florida Aquarium to learn its coral care regimen and how it's working to restore wild coral reefs.
By Steve Bitter

How To Move With A Reef Tank
Moving your household doesn't have to mean losing your reef tank.
By Steve Bitter

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