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Aquarium USA 2014 Annual
2014 Annual

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Creating a Community
Putting together "Fish City" requires some planning
By Miller Morgan

Beginning with Killifish
Killifish can be a challenge to keep and breed, but you can be successful in rearing these beautiful little fish.
By Anthony C. Terceira

The Aquarium USA 2013 Contest
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Angelfish Selection and Care
Follow these tips when it comes to this colorful, distinctive and popular freshwater fish
By Zachary P. Nickey and Patricia Reisman

Dive Back Into Plantkeeping
Whether you previously had bad luck with aquatic plants or are just starting out, you can have a happy ending with aquarium plants.
By Stephen G. Noble

Taking Care of Seahorses
Don't put the cart before the horse--learn all you can about keeping hippocampus species before acquiring one.
By Scott W. Michael

Neon Gobies
Elacatinus gobies have a larger-than-life aquarium presence belying their diminutive size
By Al Ulrich

Fish Feeding Strategies
Feeding involves more than meets the eye—find out about predators, grazers, suctorial feeders and more!
By Jeff Howe

Help Your Goldfish Thrive
Follow these expert tips to keep a thriving goldfish aquarium.
By David A. Lass

Endler's Livebearers
These little metallic beauties are a thrill to keep in nano aquariums.
By MIke Hellweg

Freshwater Eels
Mastacemelus and Macrognathus spiny eels are largely overlooked in the hobby but are worth seeking out.
By Oliver Lucanus

Amphibians in the Aquarium
Fish aren't the only vertebrates we can keep in aquariums—some amphibians can spend their entire life in an aquarium, too.
By Mike Wickham

Protein Skimming Basics
The protein skimmer is an essential element to ensure harmful compounds are removed from your tank
By Mike Hellweg

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Butterfly goodieid
(Ameca speldens)

Acanthicus adonis

Blackline Pencilfish
(Nannostomus harrisoni)

Giant Kuhli Loach
(Pangio myersi)

Giant Danio
(Devario aequipinnatus)

Nothobranchius korthausae

Siamese and Red Dwarf Fighting Fish
(Betta splendens, B. rutilans)

(Neolamprologus leleupi)



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