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September 2011 Aquarium Fish International Editor's Note

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By Clay Jackson |

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Bartlett’s anthias, unarmed perchlet, bubbletip anemone, Hawaiian feather duster, coral hind, dwarf lionfish, squareblock anthias, yellow-headed jawfish, royal dottyback, scribbled pipefish, pajama cardinalfish, seahorse, blue hamlet, coral banded shrimp, yellow goby, chainlink moray eel, coral catfish, painted frogfish, blackbar solidierfish, saddled toby, panther grouper, yellowsaddle goatfish, urchin crab, chocolate chip sea star, arrow crab and yellow pyramid butterflyfish. These species represent less than a third of the 115 new or expanded marine fish, invertebrate and coral species profiles now available for your perusal here on

Each deluxe profile starts with a brief species outline, followed by a more detailed natural history, physical description, maintenance difficulty level, husbandry information, compatibility issues, water parameters and other aquarium considerations, and breeding information (if applicable).
I’ve visited plenty of saltwater websites, and our “Species Profiles” stack up quite nicely when compared to anything else out there. Look for more expanded profiles on down the road, including freshwater species. Take a gander at the new ones and let us know what you think.

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September 2011 Aquarium Fish International Editor's Note

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