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September 2010

Dealing with Water Hazards
Water conditioning makes your aquarium safe for fish — exactly how does it work? Bonus Content>>
By Stephen G. Noble

Investigating Anemone Shrimp
Learn about the biology and care of this unique group of crustaceans before adding them to your tank. More>>
By Scott W. Michael


Jewels of the Reef
The colorful Centropyge angelfishes stay small and rarely grow larger than 4 inches. More>>
By Philip A. Purser

Marbled Hatchetfish
These small, unique fish are perfect for a densely planted aquarium. More>>
By David A. Lass

Some Lesser-Known Cories
These popular bottom-feeding catfish are peaceful schooling fish for community aquaria. Bonus Content>>
By Mike Hellweg

There Are Goldfish in My Boat!
The hardy goldfish can survive and breed just about anywhere — even in a pond made out of a broken canoe. More>>
By J. Lynn Currie

FAMA Classic: Cowries and Eggshells
These mollusks are even better in a tank than on a shelf. More>>
By Jean-Francois Hamel and Annie Mercier

Queen of the Reef
If not housed with proper tankmates, the queen trigger can decimate the animals in its aquarium. Bonus content>>
By Bob Fenner

Fish Care While You're on Vacation
Follow these tips to keep your aquarium running smoothly during your absence. More>>
By Roy Osmint

  • Editor’s Corner
  • Freshwater Q&A
    By Mike Wickham
  • The Aquabotanist
    By Stephen G. Noble 
  • Reef Aquarist
    By J. Charles Delbeek, M.Sc.
  • Adventures in Fish Breeding
    By Mike Hellweg
  • FishKidz
    By David A. Lass
  • Secrets to Society Success
    By John Todaro  
  • What's New?
    By Mark Smith 
  • Saltwater Q&A
    By Scott W. Michael
  • Species Profile: Maxima clam Bonus Content>>
    By Steven Bitter
  • Aquatic Maestro
    By Paul Speice
  • Wet Vet
    By Mark A. Mitchell, D.V.M., Ph.D.
  • Sandmail
    By Bob Goemans
  • Popular Freshwater Tropicals
    By Iggy Tavares, Ph.D.
  • Reef Notes
    By Vincent Hargreaves, Ph.D.
  • Freshwater Forum
    By Jeffrey C. Howe
  • In the Fish Room
    By David A. Lass
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