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October 2011 Aquarium Fish International Editor's Note

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By Clay Jackson |

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It has finally happened. This issue of Aquarium Fish International sees the debut of a brand new reader forum page called “Flotsam & Jetsam.”

“Flotsam” and “jetsam” are nautical terms that refer to items washed into the sea from ships or other sources and that end up floating (flotsam), things like the some 10,000 8-by-40-foot semi-truck-sized containers and their contents that are washed overboard every year from container ships, or items cast or jettisoned (jetsam) deliberately overboard. The terms have also come to mean odds and ends; these dual meanings serve nicely to connote the utility of a reader page in the leading aquarium publication.

“Flotsam & Jetsam” will have a couple of regular items, while the remainder of the space will be used for reader emails, letters, random photographs, trivia and so on.

Regular items will include “Reader Reward,” which has heretofore been toward the back of the magazine but will now be up toward the front. We’ve also initiated a new item called “Spotlight on Reader Tanks,” where readers are encouraged to submit high-resolution digital photos of their tanks, along with the tank’s specifications (including size, and animals and plants housed within it). We’ll pick one reader tank to feature every month — this is a great way to see what fellow AFI aquarists are up to. Hope to hear from you soon!

MACNA’s Here!
We hope you enjoy our special MACNA coverage in this issue. “MACNA: A Retrospective” gives readers a glimpse into America’s premier marine aquarium conference through the eyes of two MACNA veterans: Steven Pro and John Dawe. Pro has attend 11 MACNAs, and Dawe is one of only two people to make it to all 22.

Don’t miss your chance this summer to visit Des Moines, Iowa, the site of MACNA XXIII. MACNA XXIII will be held September 9 to 11, at HyVee Hall in downtown Des Moines. For details, visit See you there!

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October 2011 Aquarium Fish International Editor's Note

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