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Setting Up for Shrimp

Natural freshwater habitats don’t contain only fish — so why should your aquarium?

By Nathan Yates |

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Freshwater shrimp can make superb aquarium inhabitants, being both useful and unique community inhabitants. I want to introduce you to three species in particular: the Amano shrimp (Caridina multidentata; formerly C. japonica), ghost (or glass) shrimp (Paleomonetes sp.) and Singapore flower shrimp (Atyopsis moluccensis). These three shrimp are model aquarium citizens, are not difficult and will thrive in a healthy, community aquarium.

I think that freshwater shrimp belong in most community aquariums. All of my shrimp inhabit the same tank and are kept together without trouble. These creatures are peaceful and won’t harm each other or aquarium fish.

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Setting Up for Shrimp

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