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Water Testing Made Easy

Testing your aquarium water shouldn’t be intimidating — it’s easier than you may think.

By David A. Lass |

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Aquarium water testing is important for the health of our fish. I have often overheard customers tell the folks at local fish stores, “My water is fine; it’s crystal clear.” The response from the staff person is usually something like, “If you filled your tank with vodka, it would be crystal clear, but your fish would die.” The point is that even if the water is clear and the fish seem to be doing well, it is still important to test aquarium water.

And when it comes to test results, I also frequently hear hobbyists say (or post on the forums) that their water’s pH, ammonia, etc., readings are “fine.” This often means that the hobbyist hasn’t taken the time to test and doesn’t have the faintest notion of what the numbers are.

Testing your water isn’t difficult, and since water quality is a matter of life and death for your fish, why not learn how to test your water? Keep reading, and you will learn the various parameters you’ll need to test for and the different methods for performing those tests.

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Water Testing Made Easy

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