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Aquarium Fish International November 2011
November 2011

Water Testing Made Easy
Testing your aquarium water shouldn’t be intimidating — it’s easier than you may think. More>>
By David A. Lass

Clownfish Anemones
Here are eight anemone species that are suitable as clownfish hosts in aquaria and some corals, too. More>>
By Scott W. Michael




ABCs of Beginner Fish
Here are some of the many beginner fish that do well in community aquariums. Bonus Content>>
By Jeff Howe

See You at Reef-A-Palooza 2011
With a new website and new attractions for attendees, Reef-A-Palooza 2011 looks to best its own record-setting attendance from 2010. Full Article>>
By Clay Jackson

Swimming Spaces
Follow these steps to more accurately estimate the swimming space needs of your aquarium fish. Bonus Content>>
By Jay Hemdal

Fuges for Feeding Planktivores
Use these foods and techniques for keeping the bellies of predominantly plankton-feeding fish full. Bonus Content>>
More Bonus Content>>
By Bob Fenner

Planted Tanks for the Budget-Conscious
Go easy on your wallet with these simple, beautiful and natural planted tank ideas. More>>
By Diana Walstad

"Tanked": Reality TV for Aquarists
The Animal Planet program “Tanked” promises to inspire, educate and entertain aquarists of all ages and experience levels. Bonus Content>>
By Clay Jackson

  • Editor’s Corner
  • Flotsam & Jetsam
  • Freshwater Q&A
    By Mike Wickham
  • The Aquabotanist
    By Stephen G. Noble 
  • Reef Aquarist
    By J. Charles Delbeek, M.Sc.
  • Adventures in Fish Breeding
    By Mike Hellweg
  • Fresh Fish
    By Jim Walters
  • FishKidz
    By David A. Lass
  • Saltwater Q&A
    By Scott W. Michael
  • Species Profile: Sexy Anemone Shrimp
    By Steven Bitter
  • Aquatic Maestro
    By Paul Speice
  • Wet Vet
    By Mark A. Mitchell, D.V.M., Ph.D.
  • Sandmail
    By Bob Goemans
  • Popular Freshwater Tropicals
    By Iggy Tavares, Ph.D.
  • Reef Notes
    By Vincent Hargreaves, Ph.D.
  • Freshwater Forum
    By Jeffrey C. Howe
  • In the Fish Room
    By David A. Lass
  • Aquabits
  • Aquarist's Notebook: Securing Java Fern
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