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Two Quick Ways to Capture Snails

With either of these simple contraptions, you can keep snails in your tank without letting their populations get out of control.

By Stephen G. Noble |

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Snails can actually be beneficial in an aquarium because they consume algae and uneaten food. Their ability to scavenge in crevices that are inaccessible to even catfish makes them a valuable addition to an aquarium. Some snails burrow in their search for food. This makes them particularly beneficial for helping maintain good water quality because they aerate the upper layer of substrate. Unfortunately, some hobbyists find their aquariums infested with these little gastropods, and they seek relief through the use of poison that can also harm plants and other invertebrates.

Reducing a snail population is usually accomplished by simply limiting the quantity of fish food introduced to the tank, partial water changes and picking them out by hand. To complement those techniques, you might consider a homemade snail lure that I found works quite well or perhaps a snail trap.

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Two Quick Ways to Capture Snails

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