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What is Microalgae?

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By Robert J. Goldstein, Ph.D. |

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Algae can occur as discrete single cells, or as sheets, crusts, filaments or branching clusters, but they cannot form roots, stems or leaves. Algae are simple plants with cellulose walls surrounding the cell’s lipoprotein membrane and chloroplasts often somewhat different from those of higher plants. Microalgae are simple single-called plants that occur as discrete individuals alone, in pairs, in clusters or in sheets of individuals that all look like. The most abundant microalgae are single-cell drifters in plankton, generally called phytoplankton. Macroalgae, on the other hand, always occur as large aggregations of cells that often differentiate into specialized forms for anchoring the colony, for sexual reproduction or for other specialized functions.

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What is Microalgae?

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