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TLC for Light-Loving Plants

High-tech aquatic plants need more maintenance than those suitable for low-tech tanks.

By Mike Hellweg |

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Aquarium Fish InternationalAt one time or another, I’m sure that everyone reading this magazine has admired pictures of beautifully planted aquaria. A quick online search will turn up photos of stunning entries in aquatic gardening contests, such as the Aquatic Gardeners Association’s annual contest. After admiring those beautiful tanks, you might want to try your hand at setting up your own aquatic garden. However, once you start looking into it a bit further — especially if you turn to the Internet — you may be confronted with confusing techno-babble and gadgets that look like they belong in a mad scientist’s laboratory. There are contradictory opinions espoused by various websites, forums and online experts, and there are enough chemical abbreviations involved with keeping high-tech aquatic plants to fill a can of alphabet soup.

The most confusing topic seems to be lighting requirements of various plants. Before you run away screaming, let’s take a quick look at this important aspect of setting up an aquatic garden and try to simplify it. It’s really not that confusing once you understand a few basics about plants, light and photosynthesis.

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TLC for Light-Loving Plants

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