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Mission: Shrimpossible

Your mission — if you choose to accept it — is to create a thriving breeding colony of dwarf freshwater shrimp in a nano tank.

By Howard Chiu |

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Aquarium Fish InternationalDwarf freshwater shrimp and nano aquariums (the two of which are often associated) are rapidly growing and rewarding segments of the aquatic hobby. The availability of new shrimp varieties has increased greatly over the last couple of years, along with the number of dedicated shrimp tanks being cultivated throughout the country. A relatively small initial investment in time and money will allow the beginner to explore this exciting hobby and reap success. The many new varieties of dwarf shrimp being introduced to the United States market make this hobby vibrant, interesting and challenging.

There are three categories of decorative freshwater shrimp that are widely available to the hobbyist today: Sulawesi, Neocaridina species and Caridina cantonensis. I will concentrate on the Neocaridina species and Caridina cantonensis. They are referred to as neos and bees, respectively.

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Mission: Shrimpossible

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