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Anomalous Anemones

Some of these anemones need to be handled with care and may be so dangerous to tankmates that they need their own nano setup.

By Scott W. Michael |

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Aquarium Fish InternationalSea anemones have long been of interest to marine aquariumkeepers, especially those species that host anemonefishes (especially anemones in the Heteractis and Stichodactyla genera). However, there are many unusual anemone species that occasionally make their way into the pet invertebrate trade that are often overlooked by aquarists. Many of them do not host piscine symbionts, but they are equally as attractive and interesting. But beware — the potent sting of some of these anthozoans is only rivaled by their beauty!

All of the sea anemones considered in this article are known to provide a home to various crustaceans. But a more vital symbiotic relationship exists between these sea anemones and microalgae (known as zooxanthellae, Symbiodinium species). The anemone provides a place for these algae to grow, while the nutrients produced by these algae during photosynthesis are utilized by their hosts.

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Anomalous Anemones

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