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Live Rock Party Crashers

What comes in with your live rock may be good, bad or just ugly, but what you find is sure to surprise.

By Julian Sprung |

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Live rock hitchhikers are animals that can be introduced into a reef aquarium by the addition of live rock to an aquarium system. This article is a survey of the numerous types of creatures that often find their way into our aquariums. Naturally, the discussion about the various creatures will include what hobbyists should or should not do about them.

Harpacticoid copepods are tiny shrimplike crustaceans that live on the surfaces of algae and live rock. They are so ubiquitous in marine environments that all marine aquariums probably have them, even if live rock isn’t used. They probably “hitchhike” even in the water used to transport fish and invertebrates to our tanks.

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Live Rock Party Crashers

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