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A Look at the Indian Glassfish

These little see-through fish can be kept in fresh or brackish water.

By Iggy Tavares, Ph.D. |

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Tropical freshwater fish do not have to be large and colorful to be desirable. Unique features in body and behavior attract hobbyists to keep various species of fish. One such fish is the virtually colorless, yet attractive, Indian glassfish (Parambassis ranga). The Indian glassfish (aka glass perch) is a relatively deep-bodied, laterally compressed fish that can grow to 3 inches. While the head and belly are silver, the rest of the body is transparent, so the prominent backbone and other bones are visible. This glassfish has a double dorsal fin, a long-based anal fin and a large double-lobed caudal fin, all of which are transparent. It has a pale green iridescence, particularly over the dorsal area, which makes for quite a pretty fish. Young male and female fish are very similar, but when mature, males tend to have slightly larger dorsal and anal fins, which are edged in gray.

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A Look at the Indian Glassfish

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