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May 2011 Aquarium Fish International Editor's Note

New: “The Aquarist’s Notebook” Videos

By Clay Jackson |

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If “a picture is worth a thousand words” (this famous saying is first credited to pint-sized French dictator Napoleon Bonaparte), a video must be worth a thousand words tenfold. This brings me to the subject of this editorial — there are now “The Aquarist’s Notebook” tips in video form on Go to OnlineNotebook to see the first three “The Aquarist’s Notebook” videos, with more to follow in the months to come. The new videos by “FishKidz” and “In the Fish Room” columnist David Lass, “The Aquabotanist” columnist Stephen Noble and Al Ulrich of Big Al’s include “Cleaning Aquarium Algae,” “Algae-Eating Aquarium Fish” and “Acclimating Aquarium Fish.” It’s like having an expert aquarist right at your beck and call. After viewing each video, please rate and comment on them, as our videographers like feedback. You can also e-mail any or all of these clips to your aquarist friends — wherever they may be.

Here’s something else that is brand-new on you can now upload your own aquarium-related videos. You can take other FishChannelers on a video tour of your favorite reef or planted aquarium. Have you had a recent breeding success with a difficult-to-breed fish? Post a video and let us know how you did it. Clips of amazing corals, ornamental shrimp, sea stars, marine and freshwater fish and their behaviors, as well as unusual aquatic plants can now find homes on for all to see and enjoy.

To upload your own maintenance tips, or livestock or equipment clips, go to But remember that just like the new “The Aquarist’s Notebook” videos, your clips should be in focus; well-illuminated; short (30 seconds or less is usually best); informative, entertaining or both; spoken in a clear voice and shot using a tripod to avoid the herky-jerkiness that plagues much of the amateur video out there.
Good luck! I for one am looking forward to seeing some new videos from AFI readers on in the very near future.

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May 2011 Aquarium Fish International Editor's Note

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