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Time to Appreciate the Convict Tang

Acanthurus triostegus is one of the best surgeonfishes to keep, but its muted look stands in the way of its rise to popularity.

By Jeremy Gosnell |

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The first time I purchased a convict tang, the store owner told me that prior to my arrival, that he couldn’t sell this tang because it looked like a freshwater fish. The little convict was cruising around its tank, nibbling on algae wafers. Its eyes were clear, and its personality was bright. After some negotiation, I took it home.

 Perhaps lack of color is the convict tang’s only failing when it comes to what marine hobbyists like. These fish do tend to look rather bland, especially when compared to their more flashy cousins. Yet the truth is that the convict tang’s simple color scheme and symmetry work well in any marine aquarium. So, here I am arguing the case for perhaps the most unappreciated of all surgeonfish: the convict tang (Acanthurus triostegus).

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Time to Appreciate the Convict Tang

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