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Guard Crabs
Coral-associated crabs can be beneficial additions to reef aquariums containing SPS corals. Bonus Content>>
By Scott W. Michael

A Breeding Challenge: Checkerboard Cichlids
Only experienced aquarists should attempt keeping and breeding dwarf cichlids in the Dicrossus genus. Bonus Content>>
By Wolfgang Staeck, Ph.D.

Create a Safari in Your Tank
A Rift Lake aquarium dedicated to cichlids from Africa's Lake Tanganyika is not too difficult to create, and it will unlock untold joys. Bonus Content>>
By Rick and Tamela Biro

Sunburst Anthias
The diminutive sunburst anthias is different than most fancy sea basses in that it is more suitable for captivity. More>>
By Bob Fenner

Moorish Idols: The Ultimate Challenge
The Moorish idol usually does not survive in captivity, but following these tips may increase your chances of success. Bonus Content>>
By Bob Fenner

Breeding Julies
Julidochromis species participate in cooperative breeding, which makes for an interesting display. Bonus Content>>
By Wolfgang Staeck, Ph.D. 

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  • Flotsam & Jetsam
  • Freshwater Q&A
    By Mike Wickham
  • The Aquabotanist
    By Stephen G. Noble 
  • Reef Aquarist
    By J. Charles Delbeek, M.Sc.
  • Adventures in Fish Breeding
    By Mike Hellweg
  • Fresh Fish
    By Jim Walters
  • FishKidz
    By David A. Lass
  • Saltwater Q&A
    By Scott W. Michael
  • Species Profile: Fox Coral
    By Steven Bitter
  • Aquatic Maestro
    By Paul Speice
  • Wet Vet
    By Mark A. Mitchell, D.V.M., Ph.D.
  • Sandmail
    By Bob Goemans
  • Popular Freshwater Tropicals
    By Iggy Tavares, Ph.D.  
  • The Mariculturist
    By Tim Hayes
  • Freshwater Forum
    By Jeffrey C. Howe
  • In the Fish Room
    By David A. Lass
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  • Aquarist's Notebook: CO2 Reactors/Aquarist of the Month
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