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Why Water Chemistry Is Vital

This quick primer will help you easily understand the basics of water chemistry parameters.

By Ed Mackey, MS, Ph.D. |

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Water makes up the world in which fish live. Pure water is formed from two molecules of hydrogen (H2) and one molecule of oxygen (0) combined to form H20. However, water does not remain pure for long. After gathering as condensation in the atmosphere, droplets of water form and begin to absorb impurities, pollutants and other atmospheric particles as the droplets fall back to Earth as rain. After returning to Earth, water is influenced by the soil, rocks, lakes and rivers into which it falls. Evaporation and dilution, biological processes and other activities all influence water’s characteristics.

Because of the interaction of all these variables, water composition is different throughout the world. All types of aquatic environments (lakes, streams, marshes, swamps, rivers, delta areas and oceans) contain aquatic species that have evolved in those specific water conditions.

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Why Water Chemistry Is Vital

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