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Silvertip Tetras

With their own planted tank, silvertip tetras will brighten up and prosper.

By David A. Lass |

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The silvertip tetra (Hasemania nana) is a beautiful, hardy and peaceful fish. It is usually available at local fish stores at reasonable prices. The silvertip tetra originally comes from South America, specifically from the Sao Francisco River Basin in Brazil. All of the specimens in the hobby today come from commercial fish farms in either Florida or the Far East.

The silvertip tetra has the torpedo-shaped body of many tetras and other fish, which tells you that this species swims a lot and can swim quickly. The basic color of the body is a gold or copper color, with a thick black blotch where the tail meets the body. Unpaired fins are red, with bright silver tips on the end that give the fish its common name. A mature silvertip will sometimes get some spangles on the body similar to diamond tetras, but not as many as the diamond tetras. Mature fish will grow to 1.5 to 2 inches, and males are slimmer than females, especially when females are carrying eggs.

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Silvertip Tetras

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