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Two Apistogramma Breeding Projects

Breeding these colorful inhabitants of South American flood pools should be left to experienced aquarists.

By Radek Bednarczuk |

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Species of the genus i have held an established position in the aquarium hobby for many years, due to the wide variety of species and their local variants, small size, coloration, and interesting social and reproductive behaviors. These characteristics have led to a kind of fad for this type of cichlid. Furthermore, every few months the market seems to come to life, and the exporters surprise us aquarists with completely new and as of yet scientifically undescribed Apistogramma species. I would like to present two popular species that I’ve had the pleasure of keeping: Apistogramma baenschi and A. bitaeniata.

In the Wild
Dwarf cichlids inhabit forest streams and other small bodies of flowing water, including flood pools and even puddles. The water is dark (its color reminiscent of tea or cola) due to the high level of humic substances, which results in soft water with a relatively low pH and minimal mineral content. The bottom is usually covered with a deep layer of leaves, roots and submerged branches.

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Two Apistogramma Breeding Projects

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