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A Plea for Peace!

Look no further for some less quarrelsome marine fish species.

By Scott W. Michael |

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Some of the most frustrating things about keeping marine fish are those aggressive interactions that often occur with a fish community. Many marine fish species are naturally territorial, defending an area in the wild that is much larger than the aquariums we place them in. In some cases, belligerent behavior is directed toward members of their own kind, related species or species that have similar dietary requirements. But in some cases, aggressive fish may be indiscriminately combative.

So, are there any marine fish species that are more laid-back and less likely to cause the aquarist to pull his or her hair out? In this article, we will look at some of the least hostile species available to aquarists. Before we get into this survey, I must say that even these species may quarrel with members of their own kind (or members of their own species that are the same sex, which is even more likely if both fish are males). So, let’s get started with our survey of some attractive, peaceful species that are readily available to hobbyists.

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A Plea for Peace!

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