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June 2010 Aquarium Fish International Editor's Note

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By Patricia Knight |

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It’s fairly “traditional” for this page to cover the articles in this month’s issue. But to start this month, it’s worth looking at a couple of columns, as well. First, we have a great fish covered in “Adventures in Fish Breeding”: the celestial pearl danio. This relatively new addition to the hobby has an interesting history. It was first called the “galaxy rasbora,” due to its amazing appearance. It has been reclassified, which also caused its common name to change to “celestial pearl danio.” These fish are very striking, and Mike Hellweg talks this month about how to breed them — and they are ranked as being easy-to-breed fish, so if you’re contemplating breeding a new type of fish, give these a try!

Another fish worth looking at is a Betta — not the fish commonly known as the “betta” or Siamese fighting fish, though. Whenever hobbyists think of a Betta, the Siamese fighting fish often comes to mind, but as you probably already know, many other Betta species are becoming more popular in the hobby these days. This month’s “Species Profile” by David A. Lass covers one of the other species in the Betta genus, Betta coccina, which resembles a female Betta splendens.

And what about saltwater species this issue? Well, do you like sea stars? They are beautiful, interesting animals to keep in your aquarium. Even if you’re not ready to keep sea stars just yet, it’s worth it just to read about them — Philip Purser’s article “The Fascinating Sea Stars.”

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June 2010 Aquarium Fish International Editor's Note

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