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How to Prevent Fry-Eating

When it comes to keeping angelfish and discus from eating eggs and fry, it’s all about the habitat.

By Don Scheer |

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One of the great joys in our hobby is watching a mated pair of angelfish or discus swimming about, herding a large shoal of fry. The parents’ fins are erect, and their colors are intense. Their gills often flare as the parents are alert for predators. Stray youngsters are driven back into the family group by herding parents. It’s a wonderful sight to behold.

Unfortunately, for many hobbyists who are lucky or skilled enough to have a mated breeding pair of angelfish or discus, the happy family group is often marred by disaster. Eggs are frequently eaten before they hatch; wrigglers are consumed for no apparent reason; and once free-swimming, a large clutch of fry often diminishes in size until it disappears completely. This can happen at any time. All goes well for a day or two, or a week, and we think we’ve got the gobbling problem beaten. Then we turn away for a moment, and when we look back, no fry! We think that maybe next time it will be better, but it happens again and again. We either end up hatching the spawn artificially, or we simply give up in frustration.

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How to Prevent Fry-Eating

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