Fish Species at

36th NEC Convention

Cromwell, Connecticut, March 25 to 27, 2011

By Clay Jackson |

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Trying new things helps to shake up the monotony that can sometimes become life. As an editor of the leading aquarium fish magazine, I’m required to attend hobbyist shows every year, and year after year I go to many of the same ones — not that they aren’t great because they are — but for 2011, I thought I’d visit one I had never gone to before. So, the end of March saw me at the 36th Northeast Council of Aquarium Societies Convention in chilly Cromwell, Connecticut. While it may have been frosty outside, the warmth displayed by the NEC Convention Committee, the speakers, vendors and attendees was palpable.

Visiting the NEC Convention afforded me the opportunity to meet several AFI contributors, present and former, for the first time. I discussed planted tanks with former AFI “Sunken Gardens” columnist Karen Randall, spoke with former “Secrets to Society Success” columnist John Todaro, discussed photos with Gary Lange, and I talked fish breeding with Mike Hellweg, who currently writes our “Adventures in Fish Breeding” column. It was great catching up with everybody.

The talks were great; meeting possible future contributors was invigorating; the banquet, auction and vendor area were loads of fun, and the royal treatment I received from the NEC Committee was par excellence. I hope to make a return trip in 2012!

•  190 reigstered attendees, plus an additional 200 hobbyists attended the auction
•  10 speakers
•  44 clubs represented
• NEC’s James J. White Memorial Conservation Fund raised $2,700 to be donated to 1) Stuart M.   Grant Cichlid Conservation Fund, 2) International Rivers Campaign and 3) American Livebearer   Association’s Langhammer Fund.
• William T. Innes winners: 1st - George Goulart, Tropical Fish Society of RI (TFSRI); 2nd - Richard   Matucci, North Jersey Aquarium Society (NJAS); 3rd - Chuck Sundberg, Norwalk Aquarium Society
• 2010 Show Competition winners: 1st - Leslie Dick, Danbury Area Aquarium Society (DAAS); 2nd -   George Goulart, TFSRI; 3rd - Richard Martucci, NJAS
• Breeder Participation Program: 1st - Bill Cole, DAAS, earned Master Breeder title; 2nd - Dave &   Janine Banks, Tropical Fish Club of Burlington, Vermont, earned Master Breeder title; 3rd - Rit   Forcier, Northeast Livebearers Association, earned Master Breeder title
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