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Peacock Proud

The popular peacock cichlid Aulonocara stuartgranti comes in a variety of color morphs — all of which should be kept separate.

By Mike Wickham |

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The peacock cichlid (Aulonocara stuartgranti) from Lake Malawi has become a staple of the African cichlid hobby. Some say the colors of this fish even rival the colors of marine fish, and it would be hard to argue that point — at least, when speaking of the male peacocks. Male peacock cichlids can exhibit astounding colors at maturity. They can display a range of colors from iridescent blues to vibrant yellow-orange.

Females can be a bit bland; females of the various peacock species (Aulonocara spp.) and color morphs can look so much alike that it is hard to determine their species with a quick look. They share a familiar shape and have similar colors. Their bodies show a faint pattern of vertical bars from head to caudal peduncle. Juvenile males resemble females, too.

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