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Morays with Mass Appeal

There are many things to consider before placing a moray in your aquarium.

By Scott W. Michael |

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There are many animals whose potential harm to humans has been sensationalized. Sharks, giant octopuses and barracuda are all examples of sea creatures with people-biting proclivities that have been overblown in movies, news articles and even documentaries. Even as more people explore the underwater world and better understand its inhabitants, there are still those who exaggerate the dangers these animals pose to people.

Another group of marine creatures given a bad rap is the morays. Members of this family have been implicated in few unprovoked attacks on divers. But these morays rarely bite people, unless they are harassed or if a human does something stupid, such as stick a hand in a moray’s lair or try to hand-feed one.

Some aquarists are attracted to the idea of keeping a moray in their marine tank because of their undeserved reputation (this is the same guild of folks that would keep piranhas for similar reasons in a freshwater tank). But there are aquarists who are attracted to morays because many sport dramatic color patterns, exhibit interesting behaviors and can make fascinating pets.

I’d now like to survey what you should know before making the commitment to becoming a moray owner.

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Morays with Mass Appeal

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