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January 2012

A Plethora of Polychaetes
Animals in the class Polychaeta can be beneficial (and sometimes beautiful) additions to the home aquarium. Bonus Content>>
By Scott W. Michael

Uarus: Gentle Giants
The rare uarus from South America are peaceful cichlids for your aquarium. More>>
By David A. Lass



Go With the Flow
How water flow works and why it's needed in our aquariums. More>>
By James B. Wood., Ph.D.

MACNA 2011
The Greater Iowa Reef Society dazzled participants with its wel-organized contribution to the Marine Aquraium Conference of North America pantheon. Read Full Article>>
By Clay Jackson

Aquarium Plants in Nature
The plants we see in our aquariums can grow differently in the wild. More>>
By Oliver Lucanus

Red-Toothed Triggerfish
Odonus niger is one of the calmer triggerfishes that you can try to "train" to be reef-safe. Bonus Content>>
By Bob Fenner

Choosing a Saltwater Tank
There are many decisions to make before setting up a saltwater tank — so to be sure to make the right ones. More>>
By Scott Vallembois

Making and Using Spawning Mops
Increase your fish breeding success with homemade spawning mops. More>>
By Mike Hellweg

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    By Mike Hellweg
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    By Jim Walters
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    By David A. Lass
  • Saltwater Q&A
    By Scott W. Michael
  • Species Profile: Fox Coral
    By Steven Bitter
  • Aquatic Maestro
    By Paul Speice
  • Wet Vet
    By Mark A. Mitchell, D.V.M., Ph.D.
  • Sandmail
    By Bob Goemans
  • Popular Freshwater Tropicals
    By Iggy Tavares, Ph.D.  
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    By Tim Hayes
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    By Jeffrey C. Howe
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    By David A. Lass
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