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Tiny Coral Corrals

Most of these coral types are are perfect for nano-tanks, but a few aren’t.

By Dan Theisen |

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Nano-reef aquariums (generally tanks less than 30 gallons) are a lot of fun. The challenges of establishing and maintaining a tiny reef aquarium can be disproportionately large. Other articles have dealt with the equipment and filtration needed to maintain stable conditions within the nano-reef aquarium. Yet there are other challenges facing the nano aquarist beyond what filter and lights to use.

Once your system is established, you will need to stock it. Livestock selection is crucial to the success of small reef tanks. There may be many fish in the sea, but there are quite a few corals, too — and knowing which corals are suitable is vital to the success of your nano-reef. I’ve maintained a number of small reef aquariums through the years. My success or failure was often a product of how I initially stocked them.

Many corals can be kept in a nano-sized reef. When considering corals for your nano-reefs, there are three questions you should ask: 1) Will it survive? 2) Is it aggressive? and 3) Will it look natural?

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Tiny Coral Corrals

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