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January 2010 AFI Editor's Note

AFI Magazine Changes for 2010

By Patricia Knight |

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It’s always great to see organizations working together to help animals. This is exactly what is happening between the New England Aquarium located in Boston, Massachusetts, and Rogers Univeristy in Bristol, Rhode Island. The two are working together to raise captive-bred queen triggerfish (Balistes vetula). This is especially important because this species is threatened. We know that fishkeepers everywhere are hoping for more captive-bred marine fish. So, let’s hope that this public aquarium and university are successful! Perhaps if these places are able to captive-breed this species, it will start being captive-bred for the hobby, as well. You can read more about the queen triggerfish captive-breeding efforts in Aquabits.

We get quite a bit of activity on our website forums, but did you know that Aquarium Fish International also has a Facebook page? In fact, you can even have a chance to win a one-year subscription or magazine renewal through Facebook. Six winners will be chosen, and it’s easy to enter — just become a fan and start posting. Details can again be found in Aquabits. You can also participate in answering the Fish Chat question through our Facebook page.

Speaking of subscribers, long-time subscribers may notice something’s not included in this issue that usually appears each January: the article index for the past year’s subjects. If you’re not familiar with the article index, it’s a list of all the articles and column topics we ran last year, and it’s a very handy reference in case you’re looking up a specific fish or a concern that may have been previously covered in the magazine. However, you can still find the article index — this year it’s online. You can find it here.

Lastly, with the new year comes a new look for the magazine! While looking through this issue, you may notice it has a different look — we wanted to start off 2010 with a redesign. So, enjoy the “new” magazine!

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January 2010 AFI Editor's Note

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