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The Convict Julie

This Lake Tanganyikan cichlid should breed in your aquarium if provided with the basic necessities.

By Iggy Tavares |

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The convict julie (Julidochromis regani) is also known as the striped julie or Regan’s julie. The convict julie is a torpedo-shaped, slender and elongated cichlid fish that usually grows to 5 inches in length. Its body is adorned with three to four narrow, lateral black stripes on a pale cream to yellow body. The color variations have arisen because these beautiful cichlids come from the long, narrow and deep rift valley in Lake Tanganyika in Africa. Because the lake is so vast, with 1,200 miles of shoreline, several different morphs have become established after a period of isolation. These have been given place names to identify them from each other. Hence J. regani "Kigoma” has a pale cream body, while the popular J. regani "Sumbu,” also known as "Sumbu Gold”or "Zambia Gold,” has a lovely yellow body color (as does J. regani "Kipili”). The fins reflect the body color and have narrow black submarginal bands and outer white bands.

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The Convict Julie

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brian    Riverton, UT

9/23/2011 5:19:28 AM

Julies are one of my favorites. it is interesting to see how when they breed that older siblings help tend the new fry.

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